Poseidon – Live RTV Player is an Internet television and radio tuner program that allows you to watch TV stations and listen online radio from around the world.

Q: Why am I having problems connecting to the streams ?

A: The most probable reasons are the following:

1) First of all, if you only don't have video and audio sound while watching, please be sure that you have installed Microsoft Media Player

2) Some Firewalls (usually used in Networks) make it impossible to receive streaming media. Ask your Network administrator for more information.

3) The internet connections can be very slow sometimes and it can take a while before a channel works. In some cases the channel won't load at all.

4) It's important that you know that live television depend on the origin and not on the program that show it, some stations can be off-line temporarily or with too many connections, if you are receiving error messages on certain station try to synchronize it later.

5) Make sure your copy of Poseidon - Live RTV Player is up to date.
Q: Why do I need Microsoft Media Player?

A: Because Poseidon - Live RTV Player uses the system of decoding program to present the radio and television signals.
Q: Where I can find and download this file?

A: By clicking in the link below you will find the official site from where you can download the program

Click here to Download Windows Media™ Player (free)

Q: Some channels present many flaws.. Is an error of the program?

A: No, the quality and continuity of the image depends of where it's originates the signal and not of Poseidon - Live RTV Player, prove to synchronize it later.
Q: Picture quality is poor, what is wrong?

A: The picture quality is dependent on the output of the station broadcasting. Video will not look comparable to normal TV unless the station broadcasts at a high rate (>80k). You must also have a fast enough connection to view a high speed station. A faster machine will not solve this issue.
Q: Buffering - The stations I listen to, are always stopping and starting.

A: The buffering can not be avoided to an extent. The buffering can be attributed to your Modem connection, your ISP, the Internet traffic in general, and the station broadcasting. The most likely culprits are Internet traffic and the station's server being overloaded. Doing other Internet intensive work may increase buffering as well.
Q: Does this software support RealPlayer® extensions (.rm, .ram)?

A: Currently it does not support RealPlayer® extensions, but we intend to build in it in the nearest future.

Q: At some channels I visit I get "Ready" and still nothing works.

A: This is a network problem. You may encounter this phenomenon for one of the following reasons:

1) The server is down or busy. Try connecting to the server again later.

2) You are not connected to the local area network (LAN) or to the Internet. Connect to the network or Internet, and then try again.

3) The link to a certain channel is wrong. If you permanently get "ready", please report a bad link here.

The tip of "Ready" indicate that Poseidon - Live RTV Player can't access this program channels, it is "Ready" to try another channel now.
Q: I do not have any sound after I installed Poseidon - Live RTV Player.

A: Poseidon - Live RTV Player does not change any sound settings. Please check that your system volume control is set correctly, check your basic system sounds are working, and that the Windows Media™ Player volume control is not too low or muted.
Q: Why do I get "Error loading channel list!" message?

A: If you are using a corporate connection, check with your system administrator that there are no restrictions on streaming media. If you are using Poseidon - Live RTV Player from an office, your company may have a firewall that is blocking streaming media from being received. Some companies don't allow streaming media through their firewall as a matter of policy. Speak to your IT support staff to see what your company allows and finally check your proxy settings.